Editorial & AI Policy

Mission Statement

At conradgolly.com, our mission is to deliver independent and insightful coverage of fatherhood, digital marketing, and homeschooling content. We achieve this through various formats including written articles, videos, and audio content.

Reporting Standards

We uphold high standards of journalism by conducting thorough research and reporting stories accurately based on factual information. If individuals or companies are featured in a manner they disagree with, we seek their comment before publication and ensure corrections are made promptly if errors occur. We also update our reporting with new information as it becomes available, providing our readers with the full story and the opportunity to respond.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial decisions are never influenced by professional relationships. While we may engage with industry professionals, our reporting remains unbiased. We may agree to embargo terms or sign NDAs to access materials or events, but this does not compromise our integrity. Commercial elements such as advertising and sponsored content are kept separate from our independent editorial.

Ownership and Transparency

Conrad Golly is owned by Main Street Solutions LLC, which manages other websites. However, our coverage of related topics is always at the discretion of our editorial staff. Transparency is paramount, and we aim to clearly outline our process so readers can trust the unbiased coverage they receive.

AI Policy

While AI technology is increasingly utilized across the internet, we believe in showcasing creativity, personality, and passion through human voices. While we employ AI for limited administrative tasks such as formatting and transcription, all substantive content is researched, written, and produced by our dedicated human staff. We prioritize maintaining a primarily human-focused operation to ensure genuine perspectives and hands-on experience.

Balancing Technology and Talent

While we acknowledge the value of AI in certain applications, our focus remains on supporting creatives through meaningful collaboration rather than automated content generation. Transparency regarding our use of AI tools is essential, and we pledge to maintain a thoughtful approach to technology adoption while preserving the individual flair and creative freedom of our contributors.

Community Engagement

We strive to foster a sense of community among our readers, offering approachable writing that provides genuine value, insight, and entertainment. Our commitment to in-depth reporting, enthusiastic analysis, and engaging storytelling remains unwavering as we evolve alongside technological advancements. Transparency into our methods and standards will continue to be a cornerstone of our relationship with our audience.


As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and media, Golly Digital remains dedicated to providing engaging content and maintaining a vibrant community. Our ongoing commitment to transparency, creativity, and human-centered storytelling ensures that our content remains relevant and impactful in an ever-changing digital world.