At, our goal is to provide our readers with independent and insightful coverage of retro video games and pop culture.

We do this through a variety of written, video and audio formats. See out youtube channel here @conradgolly.


For our articles, we strive to conduct thorough research and report stories accurately based on factual information. If individuals or companies are portrayed in a way they disagree with, we will always seek their comment before publication.

It is also important to us that we correct any errors.

If new information becomes available after publishing, we will update our reporting accordingly. We aim to give readers the full story and opportunity to respond through a right of reply if desired.

Our Professional Relationships

While we may speak with developers, publishers and PR representatives, our editorial decisions are never influenced by these relationships.

In order to access materials or events, we may agree to embargo terms, sign NDAs, or accept occasional travel accommodations – however we ensure this does not compromise our honest reporting.

If a company decides to no longer work with us, we will continue delivering fair analysis without being swayed. Commercial elements like advertising and sponsored content are kept entirely separate from our independent editorial.

Main Street Solutions LLC

Golly Digital is owned by Main Street Solutions LLC which also manages some other websites (See, but our coverage of related companies and parent business is always at the full discretion of our editorial staff. Transparency is key, and our goal is to clearly outline our process so readers can trust that they are getting unbiased coverage of the retro game world they love.

AI Policy

At, our goal remains providing independent and insightful coverage of SEM, SEO, and online business. While AI is increasingly used across the internet, we believe creativity, personality and passion are still best showcased through human voices.

That said, we recognize AI has useful applications and see value in embracing new technologies where appropriate. To that end, we employ a small amount of AI assistance for limited administrative tasks like formatting and transcription. However, all substantive content – including articles, videos, and interviews – continue to be 100% researched, written and produced by our dedicated human staff.

By maintaining a primarily human-focused operation, readers can trust that our perspectives come from hands-on experience rather than algorithms. Our writers test products themselves to give genuine opinions, scan various sources to find unique stories, and conduct original interviews that bring industry personalities to life.

Transparency is still paramount. While we make minor utilization of AI tools, we ensure they never replace or anonymize human work. Any AI use will remain narrowly defined and clearly disclosed. Our priority lies in supporting creatives through meaningful collaboration rather than automated content generation.

In an era where online information risks becoming impersonal or derivative, our aims to foster a sense of community. We hope readers feel our passion for retro gaming comes through in approachable writing that offers true value, insight and entertainment.

Both technology and talent have roles to play – and by balancing those roles thoughtfully, we hope to build understanding and connection. While AI adoption is inevitable, human qualities like nuanced opinion, first-hand experience and one-on-one interaction will remain central to our editorial vision.

Our writers, videographers and other contributors are encouraged to leverage any helpful tools at their disposal. But their creative freedom and individual flair remain paramount. Readers can therefore expect the same blend of in-depth reporting, enthusiastic analysis and engaging storytelling that has always made us a destination for those who appreciate retro gaming’s cultural significance as well as its fun factor.

In the years to come, technology will continue progressing rapidly while also becoming more seamlessly integrated into various processes. We pledge to consider each new development carefully based on whether and how it could meaningfully augment, rather than replace, human perspectives here. Transparency into our methods and standards will also stay important for maintaining trust between ourselves and our audience.

By keeping an open but discerning approach, focusing on partnerships over automation and prioritizing personality as highly as productivity, we aim to ensure Golly Digital’s content stays engaging and its community stays vibrant wherever technology may lead. Our role is to shine light rather than just generate heat – and we thank our readers for their ongoing support and insights as we evolve together.