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In the ever-evolving world of website design, it can be challenging to find a free WordPress theme that ticks all the boxes. However, Kadence Theme has emerged as a top contender for the best free WordPress theme for 2023.

This Kadence Review will show this lightweight and SEO-friendly theme has garnered rave reviews for its integration with Elementor and advanced customization options.

Apart from being easy on the eyes, Kadence Theme offers excellent customer service and an active Facebook community.

Keep reading to discover why Kadence Theme is the no-brainer choice for anyone looking for a free WordPress theme that doesn’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics.

Kadence Summary

The Kadence Theme is my top-rated WordPress theme for 2023. It offers both a free version and a pro version, which have user-friendly features that enable you to build any type of website. The Kadence Theme is made by the Kadence WP team, and its owner, Ben Ritner, has been actively developing in the WordPress community for over a decade.

The Kadence Theme is known for being fast and SEO-friendly, making it great for boosting your Google search rankings. It also works well with page builders like Elementor and offers extra features for WooCommerce. For even better speed, using Kadence Blocks instead of third-party page builders is recommended.

By installing the Kadence Blocks plugin, you can access a page-building experience within the WordPress editor, Gutenberg. You can get both Kadence Theme Pro and Kadence Blocks Pro together in the Kadence Bundle for a comprehensive website-building solution.


This is faster than Astra and GeneratePress.


Bundles are flexible to accommodate any budget.


Bundles are flexible to accommodate any budget.

Kadence Blocks

A plugin that is dedicated to providing page builder features in the form of blocks.


The customer service is excellent and the Facebook community is very engaged.


The customizer interface is easy to use and perfect for beginners.

Overall Rating:

4.9 / 5

Kadence Pros

  • Speedy Performance
  • Abundant Customization
  • Lightweight & SEO-friendly
  • Dedicated Gutenberg Blocks
  • Beginner-Friendly

Kadence Cons

  • Pricey Bundles
  • Slower If You Add A lot To It
  • Sparse Documentation

Starts at $59/year

Kadence Review The Best WordPress Theme
Kadence Review The Best WordPress Theme

Key Takeaways

  • Kadence Theme is a free premium WordPress theme that is built on lightweight, SEO-friendly code for fast page loading and high ranking in Google.
  • It integrates perfectly with Elementor and offers extra WooCommerce features, making it a top choice for those who care about site speed and performance.
  • Kadence Blocks plugin unlocks a page-builder type of experience within Gutenberg, and the Kadence Header and Footer Builder allows easy drag and drop functionality to build a fully functional header and footer.
  • Kadence Theme Pro offers advanced features such as an advanced header builder add-on, element hooks, conditional headers, mega menu, and more, making it a no-brainer for the number of features it offers.

What Is Kadence Theme?

In the world of website design and development, choosing the right WordPress theme is one of the most crucial decisions for creating a successful online presence.

With the ever-increasing competition in the digital marketplace, website owners require a theme that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also performs exceptionally.

In this regard, Kadence Theme, has emerged as a popular choice among website owners, bloggers, and developers alike.

This lightweight, SEO-friendly theme offers a range of features that are not only easy to use and customize but also offer high performance and flexibility.

Kadence Theme has gained a reputation as the best free premium theme, owing to its seamless integration with Elementor and extra WooCommerce features.

With its intuitive customizer interface and dedicated Kadence Blocks plugin, it offers a range of customization options that cater to the diverse needs of website owners.

Moreover, Kadence Theme boasts lightning-fast speeds, making it an ideal choice for those who demand high performance and fast load times.

In this Kadence theme review, I really want to point out its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.

Who is Kadence for?

  1. Small Business Owner: The Kadence theme is ideal for small business owners who want to establish an online presence.
  2. Creative Professional: The Kadence theme is a great choice for creative professionals such as photographers, designers, or artists.
  3. Content Creator/Blogger: The Kadence theme is well-suited for content creators and bloggers who want to deliver their message in a visually appealing and organized way.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight & SEO-friendlyFast page loading and high Google search ranking
Easy integrationSeamlessly integrates with Elementor, WooCommerce, and Kadence Blocks
Customization optionsAdvanced customization options for WooCommerce through Kadence Shop Kit
Flexible pricing bundlesOffers different pricing bundles to suit various budgets
Intuitive customizer interfaceEasy-to-use interface, ideal for beginners
Packed with featuresNumerous features that provide value for money
Dedicated blocks pluginEnhances page builder functionality within Gutenberg
Extra WooCommerce optionsAdditional options like Kadence Mega Menu and Kadence Custom Sticky Header
Time-savingEnables quick website development and design without compromising quality

The Kadence Theme is highly recommended for users who desire a fast and user-friendly WordPress site-building experience without sacrificing design quality and flexibility.

Favorite Theme Builder
Kadence WP Theme

Kadence Theme is a lightweight yet full-featured WordPress theme that allows users to create beautiful, fast-loading, and accessible websites with ease. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop header and footer builder, powerful page building for WordPress, unique starter templates, and is WooCommerce-ready. It is a highly customizable theme that allows users to unlock every area of their website to be exactly how they want it.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Ease of Use

One aspect to consider when evaluating the Kadence Theme is its ease of use, especially for those who are new to website development.

The theme’s intuitive customizer interface allows for easy tweaking of design elements, while the Kadence Blocks plugin offers a page-builder type of experience within Gutenberg.

The theme also includes a header and footer builder, global color palette, related posts, and scroll to top for free, making it easy for users to customize and design their website without spending too much time developing their website and perfecting their design.

Furthermore, the Kadence Theme is mobile-friendly and compatible with Elementor, making it an excellent choice for those who want to build WordPress sites that are responsive and visually appealing.

The theme also offers extra WooCommerce options, including Kadence Mega Menu and Kadence Custom Sticky Header, which are beneficial for those running online stores.

Overall, the Kadence Theme’s ease of use and flexibility make it an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users looking for a fast and customizable WordPress theme.

What is the cost of the Kadence Theme?

If you’re curious about the price of the Kadence Theme, there are various options available. The Kadence Theme itself is free to download and comes with more features than many other paid WordPress themes.

Additionally, the Kadence Pro Theme Add-on can be purchased separately, which provides even more advanced features to simplify and speed up the site-building process.

Where can I download the Kadence theme? You can download the Kadence theme from the Kadence Theme official website or the WordPress theme repository. Additionally, there is a Kadence Pro Theme Addon available for $59 per year. For the best value, you can choose from three Kadence Bundle options.

Pricing And Bundles

  • Essential Bundle – For an annual subscription of $149, the Kadence Essential Bundle provides you with Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, and all of the Pro Starter Templates to help you create a professional website with ease.
  • Full Bundle – The Kadence Full Bundle is a package that consists of several tools and features for website creation such as Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, all of the Pro Starter Templates, Kadence Cloud, Child Theme Builder, Kadence Shop Kit (for WooCommerce sites), and future themes and plugins developed by Kadence team (including Kadence Conversions). The bundle costs $219 per year.
  • Lifetime Full Bundle – The Kadence Lifetime Full Bundle provides access to all Kadence products and themes for life, instead of a yearly fee. This option is more cost-effective and the one I chose for myself. It includes everything listed in the regular full bundle.

The Kadence Theme’s flexible pricing bundles provide users with different options to choose from, depending on their budget and needs.

This makes Kadence Theme a great option for those who want to get the most value for their money.

Expert Review

An expert review of the Kadence Theme evaluates its features, performance, and user-friendliness.

The theme is praised for its lightweight and SEO-friendly code, which results in fast page loading and high ranking in Google searches.

Moreover, the Kadence Blocks plugin provides a page-builder type of experience within Gutenberg, making it easier for users to design their website without extensive coding knowledge.

The review also highlights the theme’s flexible pricing bundles, which offer great value for users.

The Kadence Theme Pro, which includes advanced features such as an advanced header builder, element hooks, and mega menu, is part of the Kadence Bundle that includes Kadence Blocks Pro and other products.

Additionally, the Kadence Shop Kit unlocks advanced customization options for eCommerce websites.

These features, coupled with the theme’s intuitive design and excellent customer service, make the Kadence Theme a top choice for website needs.

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Is Kadence a good theme?

I have tried multiple WordPress themes such as Thrive Themes, Neve, Astra, and GeneratePress. Each theme has its advantages and disadvantages like any other theme.

But, I have spent more time designing and developing my website and not enough time writing content. Has anyone else faced the same issue?

Then came a fast, customizable, intuitive, and, best of all, FREE WordPress theme – Kadence.

I was impressed when I came across the Kadence theme. It had everything I wanted in a theme, including fast speed. I had been searching for a free premium theme for years but had never found one until now.

(Kadence Blocks) is a plugin specifically designed to enhance Gutenberg’s functionality by adding blocks and features that can serve as alternatives to page builders.

Did you know you can get more options with the free Kadence theme on WordPress than with most paid themes?

You can have a header and footer builder, a sticky header, a transparent header, a scroll-to-top button, and SVG social icons without requiring a plugin.

The theme also has lightweight code for fast performance. All of these features are completely free, and there are even more options available beyond these.

One of the things I love about the Kadence theme is its strong integration with the Gutenberg WordPress editor. This theme works seamlessly with the Kadence Blocks, which is currently the most popular extension plugin for WordPress’s Gutenberg blocks.

If you didn’t like the Gutenberg editor in WordPress before, it’s worth another try.

As for whether Kadence is a good theme or not, the answer is yes – it has been the best theme for the person since they started blogging in 2018. Kadence has great speed performance, ease of use, and more free features than other popular WordPress themes.

Additionally, there’s a dedicated plugin called Kadence Blocks that gives a page-builder-style experience without slowing down the website.

Kadence Theme Best Speed Performance

The most important aspect of a theme for me is its speed performance. With Google’s Core Web Vitals being a ranking factor, it’s crucial to use a lightweight WordPress theme that loads quickly to pass Core Web Vitals and improve ranking.

In the past, WordPress themes fell into two categories. Some had many features and customization options but were slow and bloated. On the other hand, some themes loaded quickly but lacked useful features, resulting in a long time to customize your site.

Thanks to the advancements in coding frameworks, you can now find WordPress themes that are fast and offer numerous features without affecting your website’s speed. The Kadence Theme uses the latest technologies, making it a fast-loading and feature-rich option.

How Fast Is Kadence Theme?

We can check the speed of a Kadence Theme using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Impressive speed! The Google PageSpeed Insights test now displays the mobile tab, which is crucial to optimize if you want to pass Google’s Core Web Vitals.

The mobile tab is the most challenging to optimize, and many sites have scores below 50, especially if they use a third-party page builder.

It’s easy to get high scores on the Desktop tab, but the mobile tab is where many sites fail.

What is the speed performance of the Kadence Theme?

Largest Contentful Paint1.6 seconds
Total Blocking Time10 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0
Google PageSpeed Insights99
Core Web VitalsPassed
Test PageLanding page with sections and images

Achieving high scores can be done easily by following four simple steps.

  1. Please refer to the hosting page for information on using fast and reliable hosting.
  2. The message is already clear and does not require any modification. It states that the Kadence Theme is a WordPress theme that is both lightweight and customizable.
  3. This Facebook group advocates for building pages on WordPress without relying on third-party page builders by utilizing the built-in Gutenberg editor.
  4. To improve Core Web Vitals, consider utilizing a high-performance caching plugin like WP Rocket. You can also check out my article about the best settings for WP Rocket.

Load Google Fonts Locally

Do you experience website slowing down issues caused by Google Fonts? This is a common problem among website owners, especially when testing page speed. Google Fonts tend to be one of the factors that slow down the loading speed of a website. If you use Google Fonts and want to ensure your website loads quickly, it’s advisable to host Google Fonts locally.

Many recommend using the OMGF plugin to optimize Google Fonts, but it needs to be configured which can be time-consuming.

However, with the Kadence Theme, you don’t need to worry about that. You can easily host your Google Fonts locally by flipping a switch and it will handle everything for you automatically. It’s a great solution!

System Fonts

Did you know that fast font loading on websites like, WordPress dashboard, and Start Blogging 101 is due to the use of system fonts?

System fonts are the preinstalled fonts that come with every OS, including MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. If you use the Kadence Theme, you can select “System Default” to use system fonts on your website.

Using the System Default font stack on your WordPress website means that the default font for the device accessing your site will be displayed. This eliminates the need for font files to be downloaded, resulting in faster site speed.

Additionally, all nine font weights (100-900) and their italics versions are available for use, providing ample design opportunities.

What features are in the free Kadence Theme?

  • Header and footer builder
  • Sticky and transparent header options
  • Global color palette
  • Intuitive design
  • Beautiful SVG social icons (no plugin required)
  • Built-in related posts
  • Scroll to the top option
  • Tight integration with Gutenberg and Kadence Blocks

These features are among the ones that users love the most about the free Kadence theme.

Kadence Header and Footer Builder

The Kadence theme has a header and footer builder that allows you to create a functional and visually appealing header for your blog or website quickly.

A screenshot of the free Kadence theme’s header builder used for is provided, and the output language code is EN-US.

Did you know that some WordPress themes and Elementor might try to sell you on getting a header bar for announcements, countdown timers, and other flashy items?

However, Kadence offers three header rows – the top header row, main header row, and bottom header row – for free.

I spent around 5 minutes building the header using the header builder, which allowed me to add the primary navigation, SVG social icons, CTA button, and a search icon in a neat layout through drag and drop.

Unlike other themes, I didn’t need to install an extra plugin to add social icons. Although Astra theme has added its own header and footer builder, Kadence’s builder is much better in terms of ease of use, element offering, and speed.

In my comparison of Astra and Kadence WordPress themes, I conducted a header builder test to showcase their distinct features.

Additionally, the pro version of the Kadence Theme includes a mega menu builder for websites and WooCommerce sites, which I provided more information about in the Kadence Mega Menu & WooCommerce Add-on section.

The website has a footer builder located above it, which functions in the same way as the header builder. You are given 3 free rows for the footer with multiple widget areas.

Additionally, you can customize your footer by adding SVG icons for social pages, contact information icons, and more. The information provided is in English (US).

By switching to the Kadence theme, you can enjoy premium features for free, including a sticky header that can be activated easily, as well as the ability to have a transparent header and a sticky mobile header.

Often, having these features would require paying on other themes, but with Kadence, it comes at no cost. Download the Kadence theme now to benefit from these features.

Kadence Global Color Palette Options

I am surprised that the global color palette feature, which is included in the Kadence theme, wasn’t invented earlier.

If’ve designed a WordPress site, you’ve probably spent a lot of time in the Customizer tweaking the design to your liking. This involved copying and pasting colors repeatedly to match your site’s color scheme across various sections.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a color palette that matched your brand’s color scheme and from which you could select? That’s exactly what the Kadence theme offers.

I wrote a blog post about using the Kadence color palette effectively. The palette includes two accent colors for your main brand color, four contrast colors for strong and medium text as well as border colors, and three base colors for subtle backgrounds or the main website background.

Additionally, you can get a free Kadence Theme Output Language Code: EN-US.

Kadence Theme WordPress Customizer

The Kadence theme has a user-friendly WordPress customizer that is easy to navigate.

I prefer to build my WordPress site section by section, starting with the header and organizing each element such as logo, navigation, social icons, and search functionality in the desired colors.

With Kadence, the options for each section of the site are easily accessible and straightforward, making the customization process smoother.

The “Header” section in the Kadence theme customizer offers a good example of this simplicity.

You can access all the necessary elements for the header of your website in one place. Here, you can upload your brand logo and favicon to the logo section.

Additionally, you can customize your primary navigation by selecting the specific pages you want to show.

You can easily add elements like secondary navigation, search, buttons, social icons, or generic HTML to your header by dragging and dropping.

However, what about the design of your header? This includes the background color, colors of primary navigation links and hover effects, social icon colors, and more.

I noticed that in some other themes, I have worked with, the design and color options for the website are in a different section of the customizer.

It is not clear to me why this is the case. When designing the header of my website, it would be more convenient if the design elements and color options were accessible within the header section itself.

Favorite Theme Builder
Kadence WP Theme

Kadence Theme is a lightweight yet full-featured WordPress theme that allows users to create beautiful, fast-loading, and accessible websites with ease. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop header and footer builder, powerful page building for WordPress, unique starter templates, and is WooCommerce-ready. It is a highly customizable theme that allows users to unlock every area of their website to be exactly how they want it.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

However, with Kadence, you do not have to worry about this. The design and color options for each section of the website are easily accessible through the Design tab linked to that section.

The colors for each section are positioned correctly and can be easily adjusted. Additionally, you can see a Globe icon beside the blue color of the header background, which indicates that it is linked to the global color palette.

This means that if you modify the colors of your website later on, all you need to do is update the color in the Kadence color palette, and the header will automatically be updated. Isn’t that great?!

Overall, I was impressed by the user-friendly design of Kadence’s customizer. Compared to Astra and GeneratePress, I found Kadence to be the simplest to navigate.

I encourage you to test out the WordPress customizer with the free Kadence theme on a demo or staging site and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I have reached out to multiple bloggers to compare the customizers of Kadence, Astra, and GeneratePress for WordPress.

According to all the bloggers I have asked so far, Kadence is the most preferred customizer. Additionally, a free Kadence theme output language code is available in EN-US.

Kadence Free Social Icons

Kadence offers SVG social icons that many popular WordPress themes do not have. You can easily add these icons to your header or footer, and you don’t need to install a separate plugin because they are included for free.

Many well-known lightweight WordPress themes like Astra or GeneratePress require the installation of a plugin to add social icons to your header or footer, even though adding SVG icons does not increase the size of your WordPress theme.

With the rise of the Gutenberg WordPress editor, users will likely move away from page builders and need features like built-in SVG social icons. Fortunately, Kadence is one of the earliest themes to include support for a variety of social icons that can be easily added to your website.

If you’re unfamiliar with SVG, it’s a lightweight way to use icons and images on a website. Because they can be easily inserted into your code and are simple, they take up less space than traditional images. As a result, pages can load more quickly.

Additionally, SVG icons look exceptionally crisp on high-resolution screens like MacBooks, 4K devices, and high-res phone displays because they can scale to any size without losing quality.

One more reason why the Kadence theme is the best free WordPress theme – Get it for Free! This makes it better than Astra and GeneratePress.

Extra Features

The free Kadence theme has impressive features that many paid WordPress themes lack. If you’re impressed by what you’ve read so far, there’s even more to discover.

Here’s a list of features that come for free with the Kadence theme, which you typically have to pay for when using other popular WordPress themes.

  • Incorporate multiple navigation menus
  • Implement three rows for both the header and footer
  • Utilize a sticky and transparent header
  • Implement a sticky sidebar
  • Provide typography options for any section of your website
  • Offer control over spacing, including padding and margins
  • Include a related posts slider at the end of your blog posts
  • Provide additional custom options for WooCommerce functionality

Try out the free Kadence WordPress theme to experience its extensive features and value firsthand.

With all of these features included in a free theme, it’s no wonder that Kadence is the best free WordPress theme available.

Just imagine what additional features could be added to an already feature-packed theme.

The Kadence Theme Pro has many great features.

Scroll down to see all of its best features.

Kadence Theme Pro

  • Integrate an advanced header builder add-on
  • Utilize element hooks for enhanced customization
  • Implement conditional headers based on specific criteria
  • Include a Mega Menu feature for comprehensive navigation
  • Provide a WooCommerce add-on for enhanced e-commerce functionality
  • Allow customization of header and footer scripts
  • Implement a custom sticky header option for enhanced user experience.

This message is discussing the Kadence Pro Theme, which is the paid version of the free Kadence theme. The Kadence Theme Pro has many advanced features to help you create a wide variety of websites.

The following are some of the best features of Kadence Theme Pro.

Kadence Advanced Header Builder

You can enhance your header builder further by purchasing the advanced add-on that comes with Kadence Theme Pro.

This will provide you with additional features such as a more complex design, an account dropdown for a membership login site, extra dividers and areas to include HTML, additional buttons for a CTA offer, additional navigation menus, and a search bar.

The free version of the Kadence theme header builder is already impressive, but the Kadence Pro Theme offers more extensive options.

The Kadence Advanced Header Builder Add-on offers more features:

  • Add an account icon with a dropdown/modal for both login and logout views
  • Include a search bar for easy website navigation
  • Incorporate contact elements to provide easy access to contact information
  • Implement a widget area for customizable content sections
  • Utilize a toggle with a slide-out panel for a dynamic widget area
  • Include dividers to visually separate content sections (Divider, Divider2, Divider3)
  • Incorporate custom HTML code (HTML2) for further customization
  • Add a button style (Button2) for interactive elements
  • Implement navigation styles (Navigation3, Navigation4) for easy website navigation.

By buying a Kadence Bundle (previously known as the Kadence Membership), you gain entry to the Kadence Pro Theme, the Kadence Blocks Pro (a more advanced version of Kadence Blocks that offers extra Gutenberg blocks), and other exciting features.

Furthermore, I designed a header for a sample membership website using the Kadence Advanced Header Builder Add-on which only took me 5 minutes. The language code for the output is EN-US.

membership website using the Kadence Advanced Header

In the Kadence theme’s free version, there are 23 different lightweight SVG social icons to choose from, which I mentioned in the SVG Social Icons section.

The Membership button is also noteworthy and comes with 3 dividers that can be styled to your liking using Advanced Header.

The Account icon on the right side is a useful feature of the Kadence Advanced Header Builder Add-on. It’s ideal for membership sites that charge a subscription fee for services, courses, or premium content.

Another example is a header created with the pro version of the Kadence theme header builder for a demo WooCommerce site.

header created with the pro version of the Kadence theme header builder for a demo WooCommerce site.

The Kadence theme for WooCommerce sites includes a customizable Cart icon. I also added a Search Bar to the left of the cart icon, which can help customers search for products on your site. No pun intended.

I added a current promotion (20% off your first order) using an HTML block and a CTA Button in the top bar of your website. I also included simple SVG social icons on the right side of the top bar to link customers to your Ecommerce social sites.

Below is a screenshot showing how I created the WooCommerce header using Kadence, which was quite simple to do.

Below is a screenshot showing how I created the WooCommerce header using Kadence, which was quite simple to do.

I was able to create a fully functional WooCommerce using the Kadence drag-and-drop header builder in less than 10 minutes. The Kadence tool is amazing!

Kadence Conditional Headers

The highly anticipated Kadence Conditional Headers are now available! This feature has been repeatedly requested by the Kadence community ever since the release of the Kadence Theme.

With conditional headers, you can elevate your website created with Kadence Theme to new heights.

Kadence conditional headers can be used in different ways, such as showing a different header on a blog site depending on the category of the post being read.

For membership sites, it can display one header for logged-out users and another for those who are signed in. Also, it can simplify the header during the checkout process on WooCommerce sites to keep the user’s attention on the purchase.

Kadence Element Hooks

I bought the Lifetime Kadence Full Bundle mainly because it includes Kadence Element Hooks, which lets me create customized sections and place them in different areas of my website through conditionals.

Kadence Theme Pro and other Kadence products are also included in the bundle. If you’re not familiar with theme hooks, they allow for greater flexibility in website design.

If you’re still finding it hard to understand, here’s a simpler way to explain it. Hooks are specific parts of your website design where you can insert your custom code. This code will then run on every page of your website or on only the pages you choose.

For instance, if you want to add a Google Analytics code to your WordPress website without using a plugin, you can use a Kadence hook to include the code in the “wp_head” section. This way, you won’t need to use a plugin, and it’s better to use fewer plugins whenever possible.

Suppose you are participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program or other large affiliate networks like CJ or ShareASale as an affiliate marketer. You may want a disclaimer to appear at the beginning of every blog post, linking to your Disclosure Policy page.

To achieve this, you can create an affiliate disclaimer and use the Before Entry Content hook to incorporate it, making it visible before any content on your blog.

Do avoid displaying the affiliate disclaimer on every blog post or page, especially since not all of them contain affiliate links? The Kadence element hooks can help you with this by providing conditional options.

To simplify the process of adding an affiliate disclaimer to posts containing affiliate links, you can tag them with “affiliate” in WordPress.

Then, using the conditional part of the Kadence element hook, specify that the affiliate disclaimer should only appear before the content of posts with that tag. This way, you won’t have to manually add the disclaimer to each post individually. Kadence Hook will handle it for you.

I have created a tutorial on how to use Kadence Element Hooks to customize your website. It includes creating an affiliate disclosure and more. To help visual learners, I have also posted a video tutorial on YouTube. Check them out! The feature is highly powerful and extensible.

There are many common scenarios that you can explore to enhance your website.

For example, you can add social share icons either before or after your content, place affiliate ad banners before or after your WordPress sidebar depending on your blog post’s category, include a “Subscribe to Newsletter” section after each blog post, or add a countdown timer above your WordPress header with a CTA button for an offer.

There are many more options to choose from.

Kadence Sticky Header

Theence Custom Sticky Header lets you make a new header for your website, that appears only when users start scrolling down.

For example, you can create a header with navigation items for when users first arrive on your site. Then, as they read your content, the header can switch to display a different logo, a search bar, and social media icons. You have a lot of freedom to create whatever header you can imagine!

Kadence Mega Menu Plus WooCommerce Kadence Add-On

Kadence Mega Menu & WooCommerce Add-on can be used for WooCommerce sites and any other sites that require a mega menu to display deep linking navigation between their pages.

With this tool, you can create a visually appealing mega menu to showcase your website’s categories, pages, services, courses, and more.

The Kadence Mega Menu feature lets you make dropdowns with multiple columns and icons in your navigation items. To see an example, you can hover over the “Shop” item on the demo website using Kadence WP’s premium theme called Ascend. The language is English-US.

The Kadence WooCommerce Add-on is included in the Kadence pro version and offers several custom features for WooCommerce.

These features include a quick view option for product archives, the ability to create a custom shop page, AJAX add to cart from single product pages, a sticky banner that displays the “add to cart” button as the user scrolls on the page, and more.

The impressive features can significantly enhance your WooCommerce site. Specifically, the sticky “add to cart” banner can improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Considering Kadence Theme Pro’s superior ease of use and more extensive range of features for WooCommerce sites compared to other themes such as Astra Pro’s WooCommerce add-on, it is likely that many users will see the value in switching to Kadence Theme Pro from Astra and other popular themes.

Verdict– Is the Kadence Theme worth it?

I highly recommend investing in the Kadence Theme as it offers excellent value for its price. Despite the numerous free WordPress themes available, I found that the Kadence Theme is superior to all others in terms of user-friendliness and available features.

Additionally, it outperforms other fast-loading themes like Astra and GeneratePress.

Consider buying the Kadence Bundle to elevate your website. It includes Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, Kadence Child Theme Builder, Kadence Cloud, Kadence Conversions (releasing later this year), and all upcoming themes/plugins from Kadence.

The Kadence Bundle offers more than just a WordPress theme and provides a complete solution for your website requirements. The numerous features that come with the theme without any extra charge are impressive. If you’re still not convinced, you should try it out.

The Kadence Theme is an exceptional free WordPress theme that maintains excellent performance, and it is arguably the best theme released in the past decade.

If you want a faster-loading website (which is important for better Google rankings), the Kadence theme is a great choice because it offers many features.

Have you used the Kadence theme before? If you have, please share in the comments which theme you are currently using and whether you prefer Kadence or your current theme.

Before You Go….

Favorite Theme Builder
Kadence WP Theme

Kadence Theme is a lightweight yet full-featured WordPress theme that allows users to create beautiful, fast-loading, and accessible websites with ease. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop header and footer builder, powerful page building for WordPress, unique starter templates, and is WooCommerce-ready. It is a highly customizable theme that allows users to unlock every area of their website to be exactly how they want it.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Kadence Review

What Is The Kadence Theme?

Kadence WP has developed a lightweight WordPress theme called Kadence, which is free to use. The modern successor to Kadence’s classic themes, namely Virtue, Ascend, and Pinnacle, is this theme.

Is The Kadence Theme Mobile-Friendly?

The Kadence theme is designed with modern coding frameworks and adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Can Elementor Be Used With The Kadence Theme?

The Kadence theme works well with Elementor and other third-party page builders. Additionally, it directly syncs with Elementor’s color palette to ensure that your colors match seamlessly between the theme and Elementor.

Is Kadence A Good Option To Use With WooCommerce?

The Kadence theme is a great choice for WooCommerce websites and comes with free features to customize your WooCommerce shop. You can also use the Kadence Shop Kit for even more advanced customization options.

Is Kadence Theme Compatible With Other Page Builders Besides Elementor?

Kadence Theme is compatible with other page builders besides Elementor, including Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Divi. However, it is optimized for use with Gutenberg and its Kadence Blocks plugin, which provides a page-builder type experience within Gutenberg.

Does Kadence Theme Offer Any Pre-Designed Templates Or Layouts?

Kadence Theme offers a variety of pre-designed templates and layouts for users to choose from. These templates are customizable and can be easily modified to fit the user’s specific needs. The availability of pre-designed templates makes it easy for users to create a professional-looking website without starting from scratch.

Can I Use Kadence Theme On Multiple Websites With One Purchase?

The Kadence Theme allows for use on multiple websites with a single purchase, making it a cost-effective option for those with multiple sites. Its lightweight code and integration with Elementor and WooCommerce make it a popular choice for website builders.

Does Kadence Theme Offer Any Support For Non-English Languages?

Kadence Theme offers multilingual support through the use of third-party translation plugins. The theme itself does not have built-in language options, but it is compatible with popular translation plugins like WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate, making it easy to create a multilingual website.

How Does Kadence Theme Compare To Other Popular WordPress Themes On The Market?

When compared to other popular WordPress themes on the market, Kadence Theme stands out for its lightning-fast speed, intuitive customizer interface, and flexible pricing bundles. It integrates perfectly with Elementor and offers extra WooCommerce features, making it a top choice for those who prioritize site performance and functionality.