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Link Whisper Review: The Verdict Good Golly Link Whisper Is Good!

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When it comes to on-page SEO, one thing’s for sure: internal linking is like the unsung hero that deserves a bit more of the spotlight.

I get it, tracking every link within your site can be like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded—tricky and headache-inducing.

But then, along comes a hero clad in digital armor—the Link Whisper WordPress plugin. It’s the little buddy that helps you patch up those broken links that can lead your site visitors down a rabbit hole.

Properly linking your website’s pages is one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO, but it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Not only do broken links hurt your website’s ranking potential, but they also make your visitors feel like they’re getting lost on your site. This can lead to a high bounce rate and a loss in potential customers.

With Link Whisper WordPress plugin, you can easily find and fix any broken links on your website and locate orphan posts – no need for extra plugins or tools.

Plus, it will help you find relevant link opportunities with link suggestions, so you can beef up your internal linking structure.

Key Takeaways

  • Link Whisper aids in fortifying internal linking, a cornerstone of on-page SEO.
  • The plugin simplifies finding and fixing broken links, improving user experience.
  • It provides smart link suggestions to enhance the connectivity of your site’s content.
Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper Review: Why Internal Links?

Importance of Inbound Internal Links

Let me paint you a picture: Imagine your website as a bustling city, and each page is like a building.

Internal links? They’re the streets that connect every building.

Without these streets, how would anyone find the awesome coffee shop tucked away in the corner?

That’s the magic of inbound internal links:

  • They guide search engines through the city of your website, helping them discover new ‘buildings.’
  • Visitors can stroll around easily, finding exactly the info they crave.
  • They sprinkle a little SEO fairy dust on your pages, giving them a leg-up in the ranks.

And, bonus points, internal links are like passing a warm referral from one page to another – “Hey, check out my buddy’s page for more cool stuff!”

How to Use Internal Link Building

Now, if you want your internal streets to be the talk of the town, here’s the lowdown on internal link building:

  • Link to relevant pages thoughtfully, like inviting a friend to a party that they’ll actually enjoy.
  • Ensure those links are working smoothly, because nobody likes a broken escalator.
  • Get creative with anchor text but avoid getting trapped in the exact match dungeon.
  • Aim for a sweet spot of around 10-15 cozy outbound internal links cuddled up to your content.
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Internal Linking Underrated SEO Strategy

If you’re not using internal linking as part of your SEO strategy, then you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve your website’s ranking potential.

Internal links help search engines understand the structure of your site and find new pages. But other tactics can be missed when not using internal links, like the skyscraper post.

This is where you gather a lot of external links to a huge post and internally link that post to a post you want to rank. The link authority then passes along to a money post or some other essential post for your site.

Hey, let’s chat more about what exactly is Link Whisper.

Think of it as a savvy little helper for your website. Internal linking?

It’s like the web’s game of connecting the dots, and Link Whisper is the champ at it.

You want to tell Google, “Hey, look at these pages, they’re awesome!”

Link Whisper grabs the megaphone and helps shout that out—automatically.

Basically, I’ve found that:

  • Easy To Use: Simply put, it’s a no-brainer tool that spares you from the manual slog of linking stuff back and forth.
  • Savvy SEO: It’s like having a little SEO sidekick. It whispers (see what I did there?) sweet nothings to search engines, making them fall in love with your site.
  • Finds the Loners: Got any orphaned posts? No more. Link Whisper finds those lonely pages and links them up.

So you might think, “Can I go without it?”

Sure, if you enjoy spending countless hours manually hooking up links like a telephone operator from the ’40s. But if you’d rather sip coffee and watch your site climb the ranks, Link Whisper might just be your new best friend.

FeatureWhy It Rocks
Automated LinkingSaves time, like a lot of it.
SEO BoostEdits just got powerful.
Orphan Post RescueEveryone finds a buddy. No page left behind!

And, I’ve got to say, it’s got a snazzy logo. Just saying, good-looking tools make me feel like a pro.

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Link Whisper automatically analyzes your content to provide viable suggestions that improve both SEO and user experience.

Note: With Link Whisper, you’re not limited to posts for internal link suggestions – you can add other custom post types, and even enable pages and attachments if you want.

Furthermore, you have the option to ignore selected words and omit them from suggested anchor text or dismiss numbers altogether.

Here are some recommended words to exclude for affiliate sites:

  • Best
  • Top
  • Top 10
  • Top ten
  • Top [number]
  • Guide

Adding these terms will ensure that Link Whisper’s algorithm does not consider certain terms for any internal links in the text. Interlinking just “best” makes no sense, for example.

2. Editing Anchor Text

Link Whisper doesn’t confine you to using a certain kind of anchor text. It gives recommendations for what your anchor text should be, but it’s fully up to you whether or not you use them. If there’s a word (or multiple words) in the text that you want to change, simply click on it and edit away!

3. Change URL

This extension can be used to convert links with a 301 redirect when the old URL is changed. An ideal scenario would be if you migrated domains from a non-branded domain to a branded one. And now you want to update a lot of URLs simultaneously.

4. Auto-Linking

I don’t recommend auto-linking because you have less control over the internal links that are produced. It’s a function, though, if you want to use it.

You may further automate your internal linking process by choosing to link to a certain URL automatically whenever a specific term is used in your articles or pages. You can also limit the number of total links to a location.

5. Setting Target Keywords

For each blog post, you can pick a target keyword to rank for. Afterward, the plugin will then automatically generate suggestions for internal links that match that word or similar phrases.

6. Google Search Console Integration

By integrating Google Search Console (GSC) with Link Whisper, you can import your keyword data from GSC directly. This way, you can add internal links for those keywords simultaneously. Other data that the integration makes available to you include:

  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • Clicks 
  • Position

To link your Search Console to Link Whisper, go to Link Whisper’s settings and choose “Authorize Link Whisper” next to “Connect to Google Search Console.”

If you use the Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins, Link Whisper adds target keywords from these programs to your active target keywords list.

Link Whisper comes with a comprehensive link report that includes all the data you need to know about your internal links. With just a few clicks, you can export this data into a CSV file for further analysis.

The report includes the following information:

What I Like: Benefits of Link Whisper

1. Link Work Post Deletion

I love not worrying about dead links! When I delete a post, Link Whisper quickly breaks those links, and my readers never hit a 404 page. It’s like cleaning your room without lifting a finger.

2. Lightweight and Fast

This nifty plugin is like a sprinter — it doesn’t add any bulk and keeps my site speedy, even with a mountain of posts.

4. Easy to Use

Link Whisper is like that one friend who’s easy to get along with; user-friendly and you don’t need a degree in SEO to use it. Just install and go!

5. Compatible with Most Editors and Themes

It gets along famously with most WordPress editors and themes, like the social butterfly of plugins.

6. Good Suggestions Offered

Link Whisper has an eye for matchmaking between my posts with its spot-on linking suggestions. And if it gets it wrong? I just tell it, “Nice try,” and edit or skip the link.

7. Clean Links

The links it adds are like a well-dressed guest at a party — they stand out but aren’t obnoxious; they’re clean and tidy in my content.

8. Good Team Behind It

Kudos to the responsive team behind Link Whisper, working like elves behind the scenes to constantly improve the plugin.

9. Integrates with Google Search Console

Marrying Link Whisper with Google Search Console is like having my own SEO matchmaker, fetching those sweet keywords without me doing the legwork.

Link Whisper has been a game-changer for me with its time-saving magic.

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What I Don’t Like

If you want to delete all the links that Link Whisper has generated, you have to do them manually one by one. It would be nice if there was a way to delete them in bulk.

2. No Follow-Up Post Function

It would be nice if Link Whisper had a follow-up post function, so you could automatically link to related posts after publishing a new post.

3. Basic SEO Knowledge Required

To get the most out of Link Whisper, you need to have at least a basic understanding of SEO. If you’re new to SEO, you might not understand some of the options in the settings.

It’s also important to have a general understanding of how to properly internal link posts to get traffic to the pages you want.

4. Generates Irrelevant Results At Times

Link Whisper sometimes generates irrelevant results, especially when it comes to anchor text suggestions.

How does Link Whisper Choose Anchor text for internal links?

Okay, so here’s the scoop on how I pick the perfect anchor text for internal links:

  • Looks at your chosen target keyword, pretty important, right?
  • What’s in your SEO title? Yup, that counts.
  • All those words in your post? I read those too!
  • Oh, and the title of the post you’re linking to, can’t forget that.
  • Of course, let’s not leave out the target keyword of that post.
  • Lastly, it’s a game of numbers – how often is the keyword used?

And voilà, that’s how I do it! 😉

What If You Uninstall The Plugin?

When I uninstall Link Whisper:

  • 😲 Why would you even do that!
  • 🧐 Data stays put: Good news! The data stays in the database, so I can easily pick up where I left off if I reinstall.
  • ⏱️ Less work for me: Link Whisper is like my SEO sidekick – it saves me from the tedious task of manual linking.

Psst! Reinstalling is a piece of cake.

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As shown in the pricing table, a single-site license for Link Whisper costs $77 per year. The 3-site license is priced at $117 annually and the 10- site license costs $167 per year.

All of the plans offered by Link Whisper come with access to all features included in the plugin.

The plugin costs a little too much, but it’s well worth the money since it can save you time and assist you to improve your SEO.

Link Whisper is for bloggers, website builders, SEO companies, and other similar bodies. You’re aware that the automated internal linking procedure may save you a lot of time.

From this point of view, Link Whisper’s pricing appears reasonable and is based on the number of websites you operate. Choose the plan that best suits your needs!

Link Whisper looks for related posts and suggests internal links to them. If there are no related posts, it will suggest internal links to popular posts on your site. You can always ignore the suggestions if you don’t want to link to a particular post.

Page Building Compatibility

Link Whisper works with all popular page builders, including Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Elementor, thrive themes, and SiteOrigin Page Builder.

Link Whisper doesn’t slow down your website, even if you have a lot of links. The plugin is optimized for speed and won’t affect your page load times.


The support team is responsive and always willing to help. They’re also quick to fix any bugs that are found in the plugin.

As a Digital Real Estate Investor, there are some simple use cases I use Link Whisper for.

I’ve acquired sites with hundreds of pages of content. When you first get a new website, I have no idea what everything on the site is about. Link Whisper allows me to quickly find and add relevant internal links to each piece of writing.

Without this tool, studying each article and then manually adding internal links would take months. Normally you would need to go through

If you’ve recently acquired a website, these are the steps that you need to take to add internal links to specific pages:

  • Go to WordPress post editor.
  • Scroll down to the bottom section titled “Link Whisper Suggested Links.”
  • You will find a lot of internal link suggestions that could be added to the post with their location and anchor text in the form of a sentence.
  • Check the boxes next to the sentences
  • Choose the “Update Post” button
  • The internal links will update into the previously suggested anchor text (which you can edit)

Since controlling your external link juice is crucial, it’s great that this plugin allows you to see exactly where you’re linking out. You can then go into each post and delete links as necessary, in turn conserving that sweet sweet link juice.

Link Whisper helps identify broken links within articles, then you can take the appropriate action to remove the links or update them.

4. Find Those Orphaned Articles

Orphaned posts are those that don’t have any internal links pointing to them, which is bad for on-page SEO. Most niche website builders neglect this when constructing websites, so it’s an opportunity for you when considering purchasing one. Link Whisper provides a report identifying these posts so that you can then add the appropriate number of internal links.

My Link Whisper Process for Optimal Use

After snagging my shiny new premium Link Whisper license, here’s how I roll:

  • Initiate Scan: Kick things off with a thorough initial scan.
  • Link Stat Reading: It’s like tea leaves but for SEO! I pour over the stats.
  • Links Report: Next stop on my SEO train.
  • Boost High-Value Pages: I sprinkle internal links onto pages chilling on Google’s front porch.
  • Embrace the Orphans: I find those lonely orphaned posts and give them some link love.
  • Broken Links Be Gone: I hunt down and fix every single one, like a digital handyman.
  • Ditch Bad Externals: Sayonara, sketchy external links!
  • Internal Link Fiesta: I aim for a cozy 10-15 internal links per post. It’s like match-making for content!

Handy hint: Depending on how many articles are playing hide and seek on your site, this might be a week-long sprint or a few weeks’ marathons.

Bottom line: Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper is one of the most essential plugins for any WordPress site, whether it’s a brand new website or an established one.

The plugin makes it easy to find and add internal links, remove external links, fix broken links, and more.

If you have a WordPress site, I highly recommend getting Link Whisper. It’s a great tool that will help you with your on-page SEO and topical authority.

I hope you liked this linkwhisper review and provided a detailed analysis of the benefits and features of the smart internal linking tool, ensuring website owners save time and improve their post’s overall structure effortlessly.

Before you go…

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(This is an affiliate link, so I may get a commission if you purchase through my link. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it helps me keep this site running. Thank you!)

Is Link Whisper Worth It?

Yes! Link Whisper is a great tool that will help you with your internal linking and topical authority.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Link Whisper?

The benefits of using Link Whisper include improving your on-page SEO, increasing your topical authority, and finding and fixing broken links.

What Are Some Of The Features Of Link Whisper?

Some of the features of Link Whisper include the ability to find and add internal links, remove outbound external links, fix broken links, find orphaned articles, and more.

How Many Outbound Links Should A Post Have?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the topic, the length of the post, and other factors. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should aim for 1-2 outbound links per post.

Will Link Whisper Help Me Rank Better In Google?

There’s no assurance that just because you start employing Link Whisper, you’ll rank higher in Google. However, utilizing the smart link suggestions from Link Whisper may guarantee positive results for your rankings, so you should notice an increase in traffic if you use them.

What Languages Are Supported Besides English?

Link Whisper was built primarily for English websites. However, they have added support for many other languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German Dutch, and Polish as well as Russian. You can find the full list of supported languages on link whisper. Also, note that more languages may be added per customer request.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

If you don’t like Link Whisper, they will give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

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